Welcome to Nira National institue of Rural Affairs Samiti

National Institute of Rural Affairs is a registered Non Governmental Organization with a long background experience since to registration in May 16, 2000. NIRA is collective and group efforts of Youth, experienced and development social scientist. Team members of NIRA have associated with different national and international level organization and are working in health, education, communication, water management, women and child development, environment, economic development, religion philosophy and psychology. Our team efforts are help poor and deprived through collective development activities.

Over the period of time, our community based intervention and our experience make us realize that focusing on some component alone is not sufficient to look for desired change. There is a need to address community as a unit and larger community environment for enhancing people’s life.

Foundation Day 16th May

  • National Institue of Rural Affairs Samiti

    Our Foundation Day 16th May