Research and Development

Research is one of the thrust area of NIRA. From 2000 on ward NIRA has conducted various qualitative and quantitative research for various agencies and inhuse based on the need of program.

Key research interventions

  1. Baseline survey on RCH indicators in Todabhim Block of Karauli (2001)
  2. Formative research under Behaviour Change Communication Project in Ajmer under the support of CRS(2002-3)
  3. Process Evaluation of BCC intervention in Ajmer (2002-30
  4. Baseline survey on Composite Targeted Intervention under NACO in Karauli (2004-5)
  5. Facility survey of Subcenters under WRLHP S. Madhopur and Karauli (with of CHETNA-2007)
  6. Baseline survey for District Action Plan for Sanitation in Jhajhar (HRYANA)