Youth Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights (YRSHR)

We are working with adolescents and Youth for Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights with support of Mamta, New Delhi, We sensitize youth and adolescents for issue of health and other social evils of society like, HIV/AIDS, Child Marriage, Early Pregnancy, Life Skill Education etc. We have organized several programmes and activities for youths. In result of these activities youth enhanced their speaking and communicating skills on YRSHR components and they are enabled to address the problems of the community. In continuation we released a poster on “child marriage’ in April 07 with support of MAMTA.

• Advocacy with Young People through SRJAN Network
⇒ Sensitization Workshop on Early Marriage & Early Pregnancy
⇒ Youth Workshop on Early Marriage & Early Pregnancy- The members of Youth Forums/Groups and students (Male and Female) from various schools have been participated from the working areas of the organizations. Total 51 (34 Male & 17 Female)